Small and Medium Enterprises Learn from Jack MaMari– Small and Medium Enterprises Let’s Learn from Jack Ma, you must already know who this person is, even though he is small and looks less convincing but don’t get me wrong, Jack Ma whose teacher teaches English is the owner of Alibaba Group which is one of the e-commerce companies. biggest commerce in China.

Jack Ma is not a computer scientist even before 1995 had never touched a computer though.
But now he is a successful internet entrepreneur and is able to compete with the world’s largest e-commerce company, ebay.

Jack Ma recently became the subject of widespread news in various Indonesian media because his e-commerce company, alibaba, had an initial public offering (IPO) worth US$41 billion. Incredibly great value.

Successfully Running a Small Medium Business Like Jack Ma

We wrote this article specifically for SMEs, which we will learn together from Jack Ma’s keynote speech while attending one of the SME (small to medium sized enterprise) Summit events.

After you watch this 25 minute video, small and medium businesses can understand how the business opportunity they are involved in is basically a process that Jack Ma also went through when building alibaba.

Some of the other things that Jack Ma said, especially to small and medium-sized businesses, is that big companies also come from small companies.

A business or business can grow and develop even without the need for bank assistance and even from the government itself. What is quite interesting is the keynote delivered by Jack Ma indeed.

In addition to delivering the keynote, Jack Ma also touched on competence or competition in business, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. You can understand how competence or competition is a fun part of running a business.

And this is one of the things that is very vital and must be implemented in a business, the first focuses on consumers, the second focuses on employee development and the last one learns from competitors or analyzes competitors.

Those are the 3 important pillars in the various businesses that we currently run and of course by implementing this the business or business that we manage can grow and develop big in the future.

Jack Ma delivered “Never Ever Give Up Your Dream”, we emphasized that we must believe that we will be successful by learning a lot from our competitors.

Don’t hate your competitors but learn from them, learning doesn’t mean imitating but learning every step and making your own step better than them.

Of course, this is an important step that we must know as a small and medium business in order to be successful.


Well, hopefully from the article for small and medium businesses, let’s learn from Jack Ma, we can take lessons that can later be applied to develop the small and medium enterprises (SMEs) that we run.

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