Earn Hundreds Of Millions Monthly from Yogurt Effort

Peljarit.com– Of the many types of drinks that are in demand, one of them is yogurt. Yogurt contains many benefits for our health, therefore yogurt is the choice of many people who adopt a healthy lifestyle. Besides being good for health, yogurt has a delicious and refreshing taste.

In the market, yogurt products are sold in various packages ranging from glass containers to shaped like ice lolly which we can easily find in various shops or taverns.

And here we will review a little about the yogurt business that is able to generate a turnover of up to hundreds of millions each month.

Starting from a home business to becoming a company

Rizal is the name of the owner of a yogurt ice lolly business with the My Healthy Yogurt brand, which is an entrepreneur from Bogor, precisely from the Ciomas sub-district.

He started his business in 2009 with the help of 2 employees starting from his home. But now it has grown rapidly and has become 2 factories with approximately 170 employees.

At first, Rizal admitted that running the yogurt business was just a trial, starting with 5 liters of milk and the marketing system also used a consignment system, namely by placing it in a shop or shop.

Rizal did not expect that if the public’s response to his product was very good, finally his marketing began to be expanded and production increased.

The marketing technique used by Rizal at that time was to use internet media to recruit agents or distributors so that his yogurt products were quickly recognized by the wider community.

Unmitigated agents and distributors come from the Greater Jakarta area, Central Java to Lampung.

Because of the good taste and the incessant promotions that Rizal did in 2012 alone, My Healthy Yogurt managed to have 70 agents spread throughout Indonesia. And now Rizal claims to be able to generate a turnover of up to 550 million every month.

One of the keys to Rizal’s success in his yogurt business is a modern marketing process that uses the internet.

Apart from marketing the taste and quality of the yogurt they make is very popular with the public. So that from a good product and plus good marketing, Rizal’s business can achieve success.

Lessons Learned from My Healthy Yogurt Effort

From this example, we can learn that with a little innovation, this yogurt business can become a promising business opportunity.

As Rizal does with his creativity in creating ice wax from yogurt, this business is able to beat many other yogurt business competitors.

The main key to the success of the My Healthy Yogurt business is actually the taste of the yogurt itself and how to market it efficiently.

My Healthy Yogurt is made with a taste that people really like, especially since the yogurt is made without preservatives so that consumers like it.

The marketing process that is carried out is also quite clever, because in this way we can effectively promote to various regions in the archipelago.

You can try to apply a marketing system like this to your current business so that your business will be quickly recognized and can grow rapidly.


Thus a brief review of earning hundreds of millions every month from the yogurt business, hopefully it can inspire.

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