Viral United Airlines Employee Fight Full Video

Viral United Airlines Employee Fight Full Video

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Viral United Airlines Employee Fight Full Video

Wow: Bloody Brawl Between United Airlines Employee And Customer At Newark  Airport - Live and Let's Fly

Maybe some of you know this information, but many don’t know the information.

According to the source, Brendan Langley was involved in a brawl with an employee of United Airlines at Newark Airport in America.

Furthermore, this is a matter of last week. We have watched the video which is showing the feud scene between Brendan Langley and an employee.

The video starts mid-feud when an official of United Airlines pushes a traveler who was identified as Brendan Langley, ex-Denver Broncos cornerback.

Learn what further did he do after being pushed by a staff member in the next section. There is still some information that Admin will convey.

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United Airlines Employee Fight Full Video

You also don’t know about this original video from United Airlines Employee. Maybe the admin will provide the video below.

Brendan Langley then gives a string of smacks that put the employee reeling. Meanwhile, The NY Post also revealed that the airline employee slapped the NFL athlete.

Brendan Langley yelled at him, “You saw that s***?” He said these abusive words before giving him a punch and sending the employee to the surface.

It is also reported that the employee started bleeding on the surface of his head after being hit by Brendan Langley.

Brendan Langley also said, “you want more? he wants more!”. Read more about this story in the next.

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